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Berlin Collection

The design inspiration comes from the Hermes Birkin bag and the calf leather is sourced from Weinheimer factory in Germany. The natural lychee pattern gives the product a luxurious touch and visual feast.

Our partner: German leather manufacturer, Weinheimer Leder

The headquarter of the Weinheimer leather manufacturer is located in the German leather factory in Baden-Württemberg, which has more than 170 years of sophisticated and innovative leather craftsmanship and has the trusted Oeko-Tex certificate. The same high-quality Togo calf leather used by Hermès in the Berlin collection is sourced from this factory.

Why Togo calf leather
The Berlin collection is inspired by Hermes' BIRKIN bag design. As a world-renowned fashion brand, Hermes chose Togo calf leather to complete the wonderful transformation of the BIRKIN bag. It is easy to see that Togo calf leather is deeply loved and trusted by Hermès. Therefore, we selected Togo calf leather for the Berlin collection, on the one hand, to express our admiration for Hermes, and on the other hand, our commitment to consumers - to use only high-quality genuine leather.
It's also commonly known as lychee grain calf leather, the most popular type of leather that Hermès uses. The pores on the surface are clear and delicate, evenly and tightly distributed. Its texture is elastic, soft yet strong, waterproof and durable. Over time, the cortex becomes softer.

Use of Togo calf leather
In the Berlin collection, Togo calf leather is used to make various genuine leather accessories.
In order to take into account the needs of ladies, we also specially designed a strap suitable for slender wrists and named it Xiao Man Waist, so that they do not have to worry about finding a strap that suits them.
Saddle stitching is adopted to stitch the straps of Berlin collection, which is a time-consuming manual process, but the stitched product is stronger, more durable and more beautiful than machine-made.
The whole Berlin series is the best selling. You can tell how much people love the litchi grain leather finished. Recently we have launched the MagSafe snap on wallet, which is a great hit.
In addition to some 3C digital accessories, we also covered some handbags using these Togo calf leather to enrich the entire collection, and in the coming future, we will launch more lychee grain leather finished products.