Apple Watch Case

In 2015 our first product was born, the world's first Apple Watch 18K-GOLD with diamonds case and premium leather strap.

Candy Bag

Insisting on luxury, R has designed CANDY collection 18K-diamond Alligator leather bags, and more collections have been born since then.

Berlin Collection

Until 2021, the birth of the BERLIN collection allowed ROMISS to move towards global sales. Inherit the consistent luxury and high-quality, and create more 3C categories of products.


Romiss group will become a global enterprise. The products are distributed to mobile phone and watch users all over the world. We will become the benchmark for other companies to measure their performance. Our hallmarks will be innovation, initiative and team work. We will anticipate changes and respond effectively to them, and we will seize any opportunities.


Romiss group is a diversified enterprise that also operates ROMISS brand products as an OEM manufacturer. We select the highest quality materials in the industry and cooperate with rigorous acceptance standards to provide customers with world-famous products and services. We are highly responsible for our business activities, while taking into account long-term growth and fulfilling our responsibilities to the community and the environment.